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Using our Add-ins

Using our Add-ins

We get a lot of questions from Brodo drinkers with trepidation about how much of a particular add-in they should be mixing with their broth. We hope you’ll treat this like you would put cream and sugar in your coffee. There’s no reason to get uptight about it!

Start with the idea that your drink will be 95-99% broth. The add-in range is forgiving so be confident in what you like and trust your own palate.

Hot protein-rich broth is a great canvas for all kinds of flavors, whether steeping fresh herbs from your garden or grating aromatics like horseradish or citrus zest. If you like the way something tastes, chances are it will work great with broth.

Add-ins like garlic, ginger and chili oil are more potent, so start slowly, say a teaspoon to start with those. Shiitake tea and coconut milk are less assertive so begin with a tablespoon and stop when you’re happy.

Tom Yum is one of our most popular drinks and we’ve included the basic recipe below. As always feel free to adjust to your own taste.